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Big Announcement

I'm sorry I haven't been updating here already. I have been busy building a new site.

When I stopped posting last December, I decided that this coming 2013 I will make a new blog that will be accessible to everyone. I get a lot of requests from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to have access in my blog.

So, end of January I made a new blog. The difference is in this new blog I wont be posting so much about my personal life, esp. my kids.

I will let you know and announce it here when I will be launching my new site. It will be soon.

And by the way, I wont be posting as much of my outfit of the day posts like I do here. I will post outfits but not that often anymore.

Thank you so much everyone.

Love you all!



The Day Manny Fell

I'm not a sports fan. But I love Manny, he is a filipino and our Hero. I met him in person and made me admire him more.

I haven't really watch an entire boxing match in my whole life. Among all sports boxing is my least favorite. I don't like anything violent. Hindi kaya ng sikmura ko.

But like everyone else I get the hype everytime Manny has a fight. Because of:

1) Vito. He is the athlete in our family. Everytime Manny would have a fight it was a big thing for him and his friends. They would all meet up in our house and would go together and watch.

2) Renante. Our driver. He would bet in every fight and he would follow the fight on radio. So, I would just get updates from him.

And, it's usually: "panalo tayo Maam"

So, okay Manny always win. We all know that. We all expect that. Life goes on...

Yesterday was ordinary for me. I knew he had a fight that day. But since Vito is not home anymore and Renante was on day off wala na akong updates. Pero sure ako Manny will win. Sure ako.

Until I got a call. All the way from New York. And the first thing I heard was: "Manny lost. He got knocked out!" I jumped off my bed and ran to the bathroom. Na ihi ako bigla!

"WHAT?" I was screaming on the phone and everything for me was a blur.

"He lost. He got knocked out!"

I said, "no way" Are you kidding me?

"No. He lost. He got knocked out!"

When I knew he wasn't joking I blurted right away: "buti nga sa kanya!"

I felt so bad. That was the only thing I could say. Sorry, tao lang ako, pinoy pa.

My point is that he should have stopped while he was ahead. Tama na. Sobra na. Masakit na tingnan. Ang sagwa na tingnan ni Jinkee.

Deep inside me I would always want to remember him as our Champion, our Hero (he still is in my heart) he will always be the Manny I met in one of his Victory Parties in Gov. Chavit Singson's house in 2010. Who was very nice and very accomodating. And very gentle. Hindi boksingero ang aura nya.

He arrived in the dinner past 9 PM already. By that time all the guests had finished eating. When he arrived everyone wanted to take pictures, he gave in to all requests. In every table.

It was nearly midnight and I wanted to go home already and by the look of it mukhang mga 1am na aabot si Manny sa table namin. I didn't want to go home without a picture with him. I promised someone who was his greatest fan that I wont go home until I have a picture. With him.

So, I stood up went thru the crowd, pass his very tight and 1 zillion security. All I could remember was I said: "tabi, tabi kayo dyn at kailangan ko ng picture, uuwi na ako!" And the next thing I knew Manny was f****G right in front of me! I didn't know what to say! So, I said: "can I have a picture with you?" He smiled and stood beside me. My hand was shaking. So, I held my camera in front of our faces and he held my elbow gently so it would stop shaking. And I got my picture.

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 7

Maraming, maraming salamat Manny!

I will always celebrate win or lose.

CHEERS! For a job well done!
Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 7

A gift

Last Christmas, I received a late gift. I got it first week of January. It came with a few other things. But this one I have to admit I did not know what it was for. It was a figure of what looks like a fat man. And I couldn't figure out what it was for. I thought it was paper weight. So I put it on my work table. And it has been sitting there for 8 months.

This morning, while I was on my work table doing some paper work, Vito came in and started chatting with me and picked up the figure. He freaked out.

He said: Mom, why do you have this? I said, it was gift. A friend gave that to me last christmas. I said why?

Vito: this is a freaking penis!
me: no, it's not a penis.
Vitto: don't be f**king stupid Mom, look at it closely. It's a freaking penis.

So, I looked closely.

me: no way. this is not a penis. How can it be a penis?
vito: yes way! mom, thats a penis!!!

According to vito, this is the balls.

and this is the head.

OMG. It is a penis.

Mykaaaaaaaaaa, why did you give me a freaking penis for christmas?

Salim Mohammad Mubarak Al Jeberi

Tb is going to watch Vito’s basketball today in Vito’s school (British School Manila). So I told him to bring Salim with him so he can also watch the game.

Me: “isama mo si Salim”
TB: “hindi yan pa papasokin dun. For security reasons”



Part of my alone time everyday, when kids are all out and I’m done with my morning chores and errands, I lie down on my bed, with my favorite munchies (my current favorite is dried manggo chips and banana chips) I watch wowowee. No fail. Willie Revillamie makes me laugh. Only people like me, who thinks like me, will be able to understand his kind of humour. I laugh and at the same time I cry with the show. Even at the height of my “depression” I watched Willie.

So, I was there and witnessed everything, what all the detractors of Willie is feasting on right now. Only people who envy Willie, the likes of Joey de Leon and everyone who cannot accept his fame and fortune will not be able to understand him at that precise moment. For them it was the right moment to eat Willie alive. Like what Joey de Leon is doing now. But the more nya diniin ang pag ka inggit nya ka Willie!

I am not talking as a fan here. I just didn’t see anything out of line what Willie did and what Willie said. For me, it was even the right thing to do. Because as a viewer I was already kinda confused what to feel. I grieved for Tita Cory but I was watching wowowee simultaneously with the transfer of Tita Cory’s body from La Salle to Manila Cathedral. When Willie said “tanggalin nyo na lang ho ako, kasi nababastos ho ang nagluluksa at tayo dito nagka siyahan.”

What was wrong here?

The only mistake of Willie that I can think of is he blew up on air. But if you were in his shoes, you would, too. After I read Mr. M’s (wowowee’s director) explanation on PEP, I think I would. He had a reason to blow up. And for Mr. M to grant an interview ( he rarely do this) in defense of Willie, the more nabobohan ako ni Joey de Leon, isama ko na si MTRCB Laguardia.

And now, Willie took a 2 week leave on his show. I am left with Mariel Rodriguez and Pokwang. I don’t mind Pokwang. But Mariel? I just can’t stand her fake hair, her fashion booboo’s and how she copies the way Kris Aquino talk.

After 2 weeks, pagbalik muli ni Willie, mag shoot up ang ratings ng wowowee. Ang galing ng strategy ng ABS CBN!
The best decision I made this week-end was to stay home. Everyone I know who went out, not necessarily to the mall, got stuck in the traffic. While I was home sleeping. hee hee… I hate to say this but, I told you so…

We have a 2 month old puppy, a labrador retriever, named Gabby.

Our tree is full of gifts already and the kids can’t wait to open them. Vinny has been following me around the whole day trying to convince me to allow him to open just one. I told him we have to follow the old tradition, opening of the gifts is on christmas day. I noticed one thing, no mention of Santa. I don’t think they believe in Santa anymore. That’s my greatest delima. Should I let them believe what they want to believe or will I make them believe Santa is real.

Can’t even remember as a child if I ever did believe in Santa. I really don’t remember. I know it was mom who put the gifts under the tree. But the spirit of “Santa” was somehow real in my heart.
Roxanne’s birthday went okay. Considering her boyfriend got lost on the eve of her birthday and on the day itself. She was able to get herself out of bed after lunch and went to the beauty parlor and made it to her dinner. She looked okay. At least tried to dress up and was in a happy mood the whole night.

But she smelled like an ash try a mile away. But SOBER. Which is good. Right now what she needs is a good support and for what it is worth, I will be there for her.



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